Friday, June 26, 2020

The Vendor of Miserable Things: A Troika! Encounter and List of Deadly Cursed Items

If you look at him with your right eye, he isn't there. If you look at him with your left eye, you see a man dragging his old cart along the forest's old path. He travels from town to town by moonlight. His cloths are tight and buttoned-up. His skin is pale white and stretches uncomfortably over his large, bulbous head.  He loves gambling. He wants to sell you his wares. His blood is made of shadow. He would never say outright, but he wants you (specifically) to die.

Skill 5 Stamina 14 Initiative 2 Armour 1 Damage as Sword
Special: Knows Sleep and True Seeing. Bargains and gambles at 7 skill

1 Distracted
2 Bleary
3 Foggy-minded
4 Speaks in non-sequitors
5 Eager for a bet (roll 2d6. He wins on 6,7, or 8. The player wins on any other number. The player wins double the stake on a 2 or 12)
6 Knows the future

The Vendor's wares:
1. Small porcelain horse. Exquisite, miniature craftsmanship. Test luck each night you place the horse under your pillow. On success, your spirit can ride the horse in the astral realm to any location in the sphere. On failure, the horse sits on your chest, suffocating you to death.

2. Cricket cage.
The cricket inside provides brilliant light that heals one stamina every hour you spend in it. The cricket inside is made of starfire and desperately wants out. Skill 9 Stamina 6 Initiative 5 Armour 2 (due to small size) Damage as Greatsword (It's body burns with celestial fire).

3. Basket of Hands
Inside the basket there are three hands, a red, a blue, and a black. The red hand floats in the air, carrying a sword of souls that does the owner's bidding for 4d6 hours (Skill 6 Stamina 10 Initiative 1 Armour 1 Damage as Sword). The Blue hand crawls along the ground, leading you to the closest available treasure. The Black hand instantly kills the user. The basked is a strange, four-dimensional object akin to a Klein bottle. Reaching inside it, you always pull out a hand at random.

4. The wooden tick
The tick gives you +N skill, but takes 2^N stamina every ten minutes, with n being the number of minutes divided by ten the tick has been attached. A successful skill test is required to remove the tick. The tick will attack anyone who tries to remove it. Skill 2N Stamina 2^n Armour .5N (rounded down) Initiative N Damage as (Small beast times times N)/2

5. Silk dress
A garment woven from spider-webs that sticks to the skin once put on. Detailed embroidery on the cuffs depicts strange, alien birds. Wearing the dress grants +1 to fly, but constantly drifts its owner upwards. Most wearers end up just floating right off the planet after hours of weary struggle.

6. Elderflower wine
A wine brewed from a flower that grows on a distant rocky planet. If you drink it, you know with perfect clarity exactly how and when you will die (permanently halves your luck score, but you can only die by the predicted means).

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